Saturday, May 24, 2008

Exciting new blog!

After a break from blogging, I have started a new one to tie my personal and professional life together and I am pretty darn excited about it! My blog will not just be about recipes, but rants/raves about food, cooking, restaurants and other culinary topics.
My website, EliteEntrees, is currently going through major reconstructive surgery right now and I am anxiously awaiting its completion! I am hoping the new site will bring some much needed conumers my way!
As soon as my photos arrive from Josh, then we should be off and running. Until then, please enjoy some recipes, some pictures and a peek inside my life and business. To start off this culinary adventure, the hubs and I are taking a trip out to the very best in cuisine that this city has to offer-Chili's! Yes folks, even the most adventuresome cooks need a little corporate food now and again. More tomorrows!

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