Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Neat Appetizer

This weekend I had the pleasure of cooking at my friend Mark's house. Mark is a real estate investor who lives in a gorgeous house and is nice to boot! Mark decided to have a nice wine tasting and dinner party for 30 of his closest buds and asked me to provide the food. We had..

Northern Italian Stuffed Shells
Rosemary Parmesean Breadsticks
Tossed salad with some exotic tomatoes (fda approved thank you!) and
Antipasti Kabobs

The kabobs were a combined effort from two recipes. On each skewer I had a green stuffed olive, a piece of pepperoni, a small marinated fresh mozz ball, a fresh peice of basil, a slice of hard salami folded into quarters and then a black olive. I made these things until I thought I was going to go blind but it paid off! They were a HUGE success. No plates or utensils required and they could still eat one and chug the 9 different wines that Jan from Gomers was there with.

Needless to say, by the time all 9 tastings were done-these people were starving! They devoured the shells and polished off the last of the kabobs that I was thinking would be leftovers. Thanks again Mark!


Melissa said...

oooh, i LOVE this idea, i think i'm going to make this for my 4thnof July party! :D

Jaime said...

the kabobs look delish!

Stacey said...

Of course I don't mind if you try them out, I would be honored!

This app looks amazing!

PS: I had no idea you started a new blog (that's what I get for having siggys turned off and not being around much!) :)